BiOH® polyols from Cargill BiOH® polyols from Cargill
As the leader in high performance soy-based polyols, Cargill’s R&D team can help customers meet the changing market needs by maximizing foam performance. Our recent innovations include load bearing foams & memory foam with more than 50% renewable content.
Leslie Forest Prodcuts LTD : Naturally Innovative Leslie Forest Prodcuts LTD : Naturally Innovative
After being in business for 42 years our customers have come to appreciate our versatility, diversity and integrity. Our commitment to quality is why our customers, including bedframe manufacturers, choose Leslie Forest Products.
Intelligent Bedding Components
The R-Leaf module is an elegant and cost-effective solution to actively adjust the stiffness of ...
Contour Pillow
- Contour shape allows for ergonomically correct sleeping posture - Utilizes space age technology - ...
Cut & Sewn Mattress Covers
Standard Fiber offers a large range of comforters, duvets and filled blankets made of various ...
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