Alessandra Yarns, LLC

1724 9th Avenue NW
Hickory, NC 28601-4976
United States of America

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Alessandra Yarns: Engineered for Flame- resistant Protection

Alessandra Yarns combines luxury and protection in patented core-spun yarn blends designed for high-performance fabrics.
Competing fiber blends and alternative FR methodology cannot match the protective performance, value and versatility of Alessandra yarns.

Non-toxic, inherent heat, flame and abrasion-resistance
Commodity fiber blends for cost- efficiency and aesthetic appeal
A soft hand for a noticeably more luxurious feel than competing FR yarns

Let us help you develop flame-resistant products that are comfortable, compliant and competitively priced for domestic and international markets.

Knitted tubes and sleeves
Doubleknit tickings
Stichbonded and woven barriers
Mattress covers
Sewing thread