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Adjustable Base
Adjustable Bed Mechanisms


W. Silver Products manufactures a complete line of bed frames, rails and adjustable beds.

W. Silver Products offers a complete line of adjustable beds, bed frames, rails, rollaways, center supports and accessory items that meet all industry standards. All of our bedding support items are made of angle steel for strength and durability. Many of our products are manufactured from United States rail steel that is manufactured at W. Silver Inc., our sister company that is located in El Paso, Texas. The adjustable beds are manufactured at the same facility as the bed frames. This allows W. Silver Products to control the quality of our products from the design to the finished product. Bed frames, rails and adjustable beds are all delivered on one shipment with one invoice. We are the only bed frame supplier in the United States that owns and operates it's own steel mill. Why not buy your bed frames and adjustable beds direct from the factory!

Why not get your frames and adjustable beds direct from the factory.

Angle made from USA recycled rail steel.