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We are supreme quality micro plush ticking supplier meeting top-end market needs....

Peace Fabrics are a leading international Fabric Supplier specializing in superior quality micro fiber knitted fabrics for the home and bedding markets.

Since 2004, Peace Fabrics have developed an extensive range of superior quality fabrics offering creative designs and wide-ranging color selections for the most selective of customers.

Our continual focus on research and development has enabled us to introduce new and innovative materials to a worldwide market. This innovation has resulted in the creation of a range of rich and luxurious fabrics a variety of uses.

Due to our excellent reputation and the international acceptance of our superb fabrics, most of our production is now destined for export. This acceptance has resulted in the commercial success of many of our customers, as they compete in the global market.

At Peace Fabrics we proud to have built reputation on :
Customer service - where immediate and reliable advice is essential.
Raw material sourcing - where only the best of raw materials meet our standards.
Strict quality control - where each production process is monitored.
Delivery requirements - where shipping schedules are strictly adhered to.

Our aim is to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality in everything we do.