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Spinks specialise in the sale of the unique low-height pocket springs, and are one of the leading suppliers of quality micro spring components in the world.

The Micro product is a low height micro coil that can be used for a wide variety of applications, from mattresses and upholstery, to transportation and even footwear. They are flexible, pressure relieving and easy to customise, producing unrivalled levels of comfort and support. Unlock unlimited possibilities with our range of pocket heights, spring counts, width, wire gauges and fabrics. Springs Anywhere technology allows Spinks to produce fully customisable sheets of springs, with firm, soft or no springs able to be inserted in any pocket.

Cortec is Spinks' latest innovation, and is a revolutionary spring system that delivers the ultimate in comfort and sustainability. It's a ground-breaking, glue free system that is 100% recyclable. Cortec replaces the need for foam, latex and other filling layers whilst providing the highest level of comfort.

Spinks are part of the Harrison Spinks Family.