Founded in 1949, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies (GRFT) maintains its philosophy of world class quality, consistent deliverability, and exceptional customer service. As a family owned business now in its fourth generation of management, GRFT has recognized the importance of flexibility and technological leadership in a rapidly advancing industry. It s a commitment to value!

The reward for living and breathing these basic founding principles is GRFT has become an industry leader in designing and manufacturing the highest quality flexible polyurethane products available. In addition to having over 60 years in the foam fabrication business, GRFT is one of the largest custom polyurethane molders in North America. As our customers needs have grown, we have added to our capabilities, including the addition of our upholstery division. Our continued growth is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing constant and tangible value to our customers. Whatever your requirements, GRFT offers the technical expertise and experience to achieve precisely the right fit.

With production facilities located throughout North America, we offer reduced overall supply chain costs by coupling our unique brand of quality and design expertise with just-in-time delivery throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and beyond.

Having spent over half a century honing our skills in the demanding automotive and furniture driven manufacturing environment of Western Michigan, we offer unmatched urethane foam manufacturing capabilities, maintained to the highest of standards. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities provide a complete line of polyurethane solutions, ranging from continuous pour slab stock fabrication (cut foam) to specialized molded foam chemistries, including a complete line of High-Resilience, Integral Skin and Viscoelastic (memory foam) flexible polyurethanes, in addition to our rigid structural polyurethane chemistries. We can provide everything from a single piece of foam delivered to your warehouse, to fully assembled finished products, shipped directly to your customer s door.

Want it Custom? - - We make custom happen ask us how!