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Precision Fabrics Group, Inc. (PFG) is recognized worldwide for its innovation and novel nonwoven and woven products in high performance industries such as medical, aerospace, military, protective apparel, and many more. The same formula of applying industry leading expertise in partnership with our customers, which led to our success in these markets, has made PFG a widely recognized leader in supplying the highest quality, value creating FR and non-FR products to the bedding industry.

We offer several different FR filler cloths in our SoftGUARD® product line that are designed to provide a range of protection for even the most demanding mattresses. We can also supply high strength filler cloths for use with demanding vertical handles or that eliminate the need for a variety of expensive insulation layers in mattresses and foundations. Our customers also enjoy our unsurpassed ISO 9001-2015 certified quality systems and customer support.

To our current customers, we would like to thank you for your partnership and business. To the other bedding manufacturers, we invite you to contact us to learn how the innovative power of PFG can help you enjoy greater success.