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Pillow Covers


Bodet & Horst is the leading specialist in the manufacturing of knitted fabrics and three dimensional warp knitted fabrics with plants in Germany, Slovakia, and China. Only Bodet & Horst offers the complete range of knitted from single and double jersey, terry, velours up to double jersey with filling as well as ready-made mattress, pillow and tricot covers.

Bodet & Horst feels at home in all the important world markets and has a long tradition of excellent customer service & support. Building on its experience, expertise and total quality management, Bodet & Horst is developing innovative products, added value for the customers.

You can get both from Bodet & Horst: complete program of high-end until entry price level knitted fabrics, high-end velour, latest designs and spacer fabrics, tricot and covers from our plant in Europe and additional entry price level fabrics in German quality standard with Chinese price level from our plant in China.