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SHAOXING HUAJIAN MATTRESS MACHINERY LTD has evolved into one of the world’s leading providers of mattress machinery to the bedding industry since 1987.

YOUR CHOICE, HUAJIAN MADE is the way to support HUAJIAN’s success in a global market. HUAJIAN devote all the dedication and loyalty to serving the needs of customers in worldwide, such as developing leading technology, improving the quality, setting up a global network for providing more service and support in the STATE-OF-THE-ART SX-820i fully automatic transfer line for bonell innerspring units SX-120d digital pocket spring machine, SX-300d digital pocket assembly machine,SX-80is digital bonell coiler, SX-200/200s auto bonell assembler, SX-1022d fully automatic transfer lines for pocket innerspring units, SX-100d pocket spring machines, SX-200d pocket spring assembly machines, SX-80A unknotted digital coiler and SX-200A unknotted auto assembler.