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SABA, a strong bond

SABA develops, produces, and supplies water-based adhesives and adhesive application systems for the foam bonding industry. Our integrated portfolio provides our customers with three primary advantages: unmatched bonding performance, efficiency, and safety.

SABA has a wide range of water-based adhesives and application systems for the bedding, furniture, and foam processing industries. Our products deliver phenomenal initial tack and final bond strength resulting in increased production output and enhanced product quality. Whether manual spray, roll coat or automatic spray, SABA has the solution. In addition to superior bonding performance, SABA customers experience efficiency and control, resulting in the lowest possible adhesive cost per unit produced.

Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of all we do. One of our latest development, SABA Zero Overspray, delivers maximum efficiency and a clean production environment to optimize your bonding processes. Further, our portfolio of water-based adhesives provides solutions to meet the most stringent sustainability certification requirements while providing you with a competitive advantage and a safe working environment.