Know-How and experience are the ideal combination for developing future-oriented technology.

For the past 140 years, company Stutznaecker has been specialising in the manufacture of high-performance industrial quilters. Due to its reliability and high performance MAMMUT sewing machines are used in countless manufacturing shops arround the globe.

And particularly in companies where adherence to delivery date and quality of the finished product has first priority.

To create a prospective future our management is able to decide independently.

In our case, it is the future of a family-owned-enterprise in the fifth generation with constant principles: BETTER AND BETTER has been our aim from the beginning, for more than 100 years for our customers around the world.

BETTER AND BETTER is our passion.

Whether it is our machine program or detailed solutions to production issues - the quality is beyond question.

The longevity, legendary!

A real quilting machine from Stutznaecker works for decades, when less careful constructed machines have already been retired from service.

More reliable, more flexible, faster.

There will be always something in the future that we intend to improve. For whom? For us and our conviction, but primarily for you, our customer, regardless where you might be located.

All over the world: Stutznaecker Quilting machines