Rock Island Industries

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Hempstead, TX 77445-8942
United States



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Supplying high quality products to the bedding industry since 2003, Rock Island Industries offers several patented foundations that require less than 2 minutes of assembly time. The patented design allows for shipment of approximately 1,000 foundations per truck load. Available in standard specs, as well as customer designed specs.

Rock Island Industries offers a new patented flexible insert designed to put a limited amount of flex and spring back under the mattress.

Rock Island Industries also offers a line of Innerspring units, Pocket Coils Units, Pads that work for both the Foundation of the Mattress, as well as other mattress supply items, Mattress Tape, Dust Covers, Flange, Quilt Backing, Filler materials, Bags, etc.

At Rock Island Industries we believe our customers are our greatest asset and by working together we share a common good of finding ways to increase the bottom line profit for both companies.

We offer:
- Patented Foundations
- Fully Assembled Foundations
- Foundation Kits (Require 1.5 min. assembly time)
- Finished Foundations
- Flexible Foundation - Multi Slat
- Innerspring units and Pocket Coil Units
- Pads for Foundations and Units

Other Mattress Supplies
- Mattress Tape
- Dust Covers
- Flange
- Quilt Backing
- Filler Material
- Toppers