Latex Global is a leading and preferred supplier of premium components to the bedding, cushion/furniture industry. With a prominent presence on the West Coast, Latex Global is all set to expand to the East Coast and Canada. Registered in the state of California, Latex Global is a Natural Mattress Components Inc. concern.

We distribute 100% natural latex foam mattress cores, toppers, pillows, 100% natural rubberized coir, and USDA Organic Certified cotton bed linen to upscale mattress lines. Our efficient supply chain gets you your products right when you need them. We have a fully stocked warehouse in Southern California to take care of year round demand.

At Latex Global, we assiduously adhere to our reputation as a ‘Green’ organization and primarily service the natural bedding products segment. This is our way of making an organizational response to the cause of putting nature first in our lives.

Mattress Cores and Toppers
Full Prone Support mattress cores have been designed with different zones that are specially arranged to provide optimal support. This system of three zone and five zone mattress cores help support body weight at different points by providing a natural, comfortable position for the spine.

7 zone multi density technology. The various zones of the mattress have been demarcated as per body contours and pressure and the density of the mattress is adjusted according to the body.

Rubberised Coir
Rubberised coir makes comfortable mattresses. They are designed to offer perfect support as well as air circulation. Our Rubberised Coir products are manufactured using high quality natural coconut fibre sprayed with natural latex. These products are well accepted in the market for their strength and also their eco-friendly properties. Their versatility makes them ideal for a variety of end uses.

A combination of Natural Latex and Rubberized Coir gives makes it possible to take advantage of the unique properties of both these products

Fire Retardant Pillows are manufactured to BS 5852:1990 specifications. We use 100% natural expandable graphite to obtain adequate fire retardancy.

We are also engaged in the distribution of a whole new range of bed linen manufactured with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.