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Founded over 35 years ago, Talalay Global is the largest producer of Talalay in the world and the only manufacturer in the United States. Our Talalay is used in millions of the finest mattresses, pillows and toppers around the globe.

Talalay Global was literally started in the basement of a local VFW in Connecticut by two friends who worked together and lost their jobs following a devastating factory fire. With grit, determination, and a lot of support from their families and community, their facility soon grew to 15,000 square feet and produced its first latex pillow within two years. After 18 years of success, the company reinvested and rebuilt the worlds’ finest, state-of-the-art facility in Shelton, Connecticut where all of our Talalay is produced today.

Talalay Global is based on a very simple concept. Make Talalay latex products that provide the best sleep experience in the world. Every one of our employees know that they are changing lives, one story at a time. Every day, our company philosophy is supported by our actions. We are driven by high quality standards and we stand behind every product we produce; we never settle for anything less than the best.

Once you have slept on a Talalay latex mattress, you won’t have to take our word for how superior the product is. You will forever be a believer because it will be the most uplifting sleep experience you have ever had!

“Our entire organization has been designed to foster ingenuity and creativity from initial product development to finished product and partner support. We are leading the advancement of Talalay latex bedding products through the development of innovative Talalay Global formulations, product designs and partner training. Talalay Global puts the power of transparent information in the hands of consumers so they can make informed purchasing decisions. Helping people understand the many differences within the Talalay latex world, from cost and quality to sleep benefits, will clarify the “muddy” waters of available latex information and allow consumers to make their best decisions for themselves.”

Dave Fisher, Chairman of the Board & CEO