Springs Creative Product Group

300 Chatham Avenue, Suite 100
Rock Hill, SC 29730-4040
United States of America



Constantly seeking What's Next. Now.™ in the world of textiles, the Springs Creative Technical Products Group delivers solutions designed to meet and exceed customer's expectations. We offer a wide array of component fabrics, providing substrates designed and engineered to meet your specifications. The original developer who pioneered fire retardant Firegard™, Springs Creative recently launched Centragard® to complement current flame barrier product offerings. Formats include knit interliners, cut and sewn socks, snap-on caps, woven interliners, and Firegard™ logo ticking.

Springs Creative Technical Products has the largest selection of spacer fabrics, AirSkin®, on the market. AirSkin® is a comprehensive line of spacer three layer fabric that provides a unique air channel in its middle area that draws heat and moisture away from the body.

Other products and brands available include SleepSkin® and top of bed. From greige to finished, from woven to knits, we are in the business to add value to your end products. With offices around the world for global sourcing, US-based 3PL services, and in-house creative services, Springs Creative has the resources, innovation and collaborative partnerships to make your next product idea reality.