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Tietex is a global manufacturer and marketer of non-woven and traditional textiles. Our Technologies in fiber and fabric forming enable us to develop innovative solutions for the Bedding industry.

Our Mattress Solutions Group is the leader in FR performance fabrics and consulting for 16 CFR 1633 Compliance. Our Sleepfree family of FR solutions include FR filler cloths, FR printed fabrics, FR knit socks, FR flange and comprehensive consulting and quality assurance assistance.
In addition to the bedding industry our advanced fabric formation is used for products in various technical end uses including athletic footwear, roofing, home furnishings, medical, consumer and outdoor recreation.

If you are looking for a technical leader to help design or create a new product for the market, look no further than Tietex. Customized products and designs produced in the USA for the bedding industry.

Let us help you reach your goals.