Card Clothing & Services

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Card Clothing & Services, Inc. (CCS) is a leading US manufacture of fiber processing equipment including fiber filling systems for the Bedding and Furniture industries. The CCS ProLoft 1000 pillow and cushion filling system has become a standard in the industry.

In addition to manufacturing a complete line of fiber fill systems, CCS represents the following European equipment manufactures. This group of companies are directly related to the Bedding and Furniture industries and the CCS product line.

Borsoi provides a high production pre weighed filling systems used with down, feathers, foam and fiber. The Borsoi automated scale filling system will accurately pre-weigh the raw material and fill the shell at a very high production rate.

Kinna Automatic offers a complete line of automated sewing, folding and packaging equipment for bed pillows, decorative cushions and comforters. The Kinna product line includes fully automated over lock and lock stitch pillow closing systems. The Kinna automated box erector and packing system will substantially improve quality and reduce labor cost.

Schott & Meissner manufactures a complete line of Nonwoven bonding ovens required to cure typical polyester batting used in Bedding and Furniture. When using a S&M bonding oven in conjunction with the CCS web forming line, this combination provides a very high quality fiber batting for comforters, mattress cushioning and furniture.

Margasa specializes in manufacturing equipment used to recycle textile waste such as mattress waste, quilt trim, apparel fabric, nonwoven, carpet, thread, yarn, etc. The Margasa shredding system will bring most textile waste back to a reusable fiber form.