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For over 30 years our company has operated in the packaging and handling sector with high quality technology systems. The pluriennal experience has permitted to build even more innovative machines, which reflect the real requirements of the companies. We offer very functional machines appositely conceived for our customers in order to save time and resources.

We have packed several types of products: from mattresses to chandeliers, from wheels to furniture components ........ no product request will find us unprepared!!

Our machines are designed, built and tested completely in our headquarters: for this reason we are able to guarantee the high quality of the components and a constant and continuous monitoring during the construction phases. Security belongs to our business philosophy, for this reason our machines are supplied with accident-prevention protections according to the current laws.

But this is not enough: Dolphin Pack does not reduce its work to the sole design and construction of the packaging machines, our company also stands out for the promptness and continuity of the assistance service, which follows our customers constantly.

Thanks to the new factory based in Affi (Verona), we are able to work in a completely autonomous way. Here our customers have the possibility to see and test our machines, in order to choose the equipment that better matches their production requirements. Our slogan is: Build machines that are able to fit with every production need