As the North American distributor for ORGAN brand needles, we supply all types of needles for sewing, quilting, embroidery and other machines. We have those needles for the most demanding applications sewing all natures of fabrics and threads including FR, Kevlar, coated and natural fibers.
We also produce more than 100,000 replacements parts for sewing, tape edge, border, flanging, quilting, and cutting machines. Our parts are highest quality and reasonably priced. We have parts for Brother, Eastman, Galkin, Gribetz, Juki, Pegasus, Porter, Singer, Union Special, and many other machines.
We are also master distributors for DENNISON Fasteners and Tools, Scissors (Belmont, Fiskars, Mundial, Wiss), Cleaning Fluids, Silicone Spray, Belts, and various factory supplies.
Orders are shipped same day from our huge stock.

We are now the worldwide exclusive distributor for EMCO / EDGEWATER quilting machine parts, needles and supplies. EMCO machines are recognized for quality, dependable quilting.
We can now supply all EMCO / EDGEWATER replacement parts and supplies to keep your machines in optimal performance.