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ATLANTA ATTACHMENT COMPANY is a global supplier of heavy duty sewing machinery, packaging equipment, sewing automation equipment and other supportive machines for the sewn products industry. Founded in 1969 as an innovator of custom made sewing machine attachments, folders, hemmers, binders and labor saving devices for sewn products industry. AAC is an industry leader in producing a complete line of sewing automation for mattress production including software and systems for managing production and inventory. Our technology solutions extend to mattress packaging equipment, quilting machines, decorative border workstations and other mattress manufacturing machinery. The R&D department also engineers custom developed equipment for many industries.

Border Workstations include: Embroidery Machines, Border Machines, Foundation Machines, Decorative Machines, Tape Edge Machines, Faux Tape-Edge Machine, Serging Machine, One Piece Border, Pillow Top Gusset, Border Tacker, Flanging, Handle machine, Handle Tacker, Border Tacker, Label Machine, Law Label Machine, Safety Stitch
Cutting Workstations include:
Laser Cutting Machines, Non-woven Flange Cutting Machine, Panel Cutter Machines
Packaging Workstations include:
Roll Pack, Polyethylene Film Mattress Packaging,Latex and Foam Packaging, and unbailers for rolled or stacked springs
Panel Workstations include:
Serging and Flanging, Mattress Bucket Building, Panel Binder, Walking Foot, Pre-flanging Gusset Workstation & Label Sewing Machine
Quilting Workstations include:
Chainstitch Quilting Machine, Single Needle Quilting Machine, Panel Cutting Machine, Quilting Repair Machine and a Vertical Carousel for holding multiple rolls of material
Ruffler Workstations include:
Gusset Ruffling Machines, Pillow-top Machines, Euro-top and Continental Foundation and Bottom Capping Machines, also Automatic pre-flanging
Spring Workstations include:
Wire Straightening machine, Pneumatic Border Bending Machine, Pocket Coil Machine, Spring Assembler, Roll-Pac Machine and Spring Unbailer.
Tape Edge Machines include:
Electronic Drive, Dual Drive, Automatic Flip and Rotate, and Lockstitch Tape Edge Sewing Workstations. Feature Stainless Steel Table Tops and come with an AAC 300UX6, Pfaff 5625 or JUKI Head
Tufting Workstations include:
Mattress Tufting Machine and Automatic Mattress Tufting & Scroll Quilting
Assembly Workstations and Products include:
Build-Up Tables, Foundation Cover Stretch and Stapel, and Glue Workstations for Foam Encased Mattresses.
Attachments & Folders:
Climate Control with Portable Evaporative Cooling:
Ergo-Components include:
Tables, Stands & Pedals
Material handling includes:
Air Tables, ZRacks, Mattress Trucks, Spring Bundle Movers and Roller Conveyors
Serial Bus Control System

Founded in 1969, AAC has made its policy of SUDDEN SERVICE a way of life in all aspects of operation. We have a very dedicated Sales and Customer Support team with many years of experience in the sewn products industry. We are dedicated to you, the customer, and will remain committed to serving your needs both now and in the future.

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