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Creative Ticking was founded as the bedding specialty division of Beverly Knits, one of the largest circular knitters in the U.S. With more than 35 years of experience in the knitting industry, Beverly Knits has been a frontrunner in delivering innovative fabrics used in a variety of industries, such as active wear, intimate apparel, outdoor products, automotive, medical and industrial. Beverly Knits is the technology center behind Creative Ticking allowing the company to focus on research and development, providing high quality designs and flexibility for the bedding industry.

Among Creative Ticking’s collections are KYLA™, a new cooling technology developed using Phase Change Materials (PCMs) that can be applied in different levels depending on the desired cooling level; TioTec™, a barrier solution that combines the comfort and feel of a high quality knitted ticking with a knit-in fire barrier; and engineered covers that create a one piece design for panels and borders and reduce the manufacturing and design processes.

Creative Ticking’s approach to innovation combines a talented design staff made up of engineers, technicians and designers, with new ideas and perspectives that come from close customer relationships.

Creative Ticking is are ready to become an innovative partner with you in the mattress ticking business.
New ideas. Fresh perspectives. That’s Creative Ticking.