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Innofa produces high quality circular knitted stretch textiles. Our strong and durable fabrics make excellent mattress tickings and they are very well applicable on complex shaped furniture, medical supplies and bus/truck seats. We keep developing and improving our products and designs, which is why we can offer a wide range of applications.

Our fabrics have innumerable possibilities regarding yarns, fillings, designs, finishings, innovations, bleaching, rugging, widths, washability,
shearing and colours.

We concentrate on Mattress Textiles Styles:

Innofa Styles:
Terry cloth: Stretch terry fabric with a nice touch. Available in widths from 180 to 235 cm.
Double jersey: A two or three layered fabric which looks like the knitted version of a woven ticking but with a much softer touch.
    This type of fabric is available in various weights and compositions and it is washable up to 60 C.
Velours / nicky: Velvety soft velour with maximum stretch. Innofa offers a range of weights between 230gr/m and 300 gr/m
    and widths from 180 cm up to 235 cm.
Bonded textile: Heavyweight double jersey, quilted with filler fibres. Its stretch and filling makes it ready to apply directly on mattresses.
    This type of textile is perfect for people who have to wash their mattress ticking

Innofa BV is a leader in the European market for knitted fabrics used in mattresses, furniture, automotive, medical, corporate, sports and technical sectors. The company's continuous research and development efforts enable it to produce the most complex customized fabrics and patterns to high quality standards. Over Twenty years ago Innofa was the first textile manufacturer to produce terrycloth for mattresses. Innofa owes its flexibility to vertical integration, with development, production, design, knitting and finishing under one roof.

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