"Developing Partnerships in the supply of foam and fiber products for over 100 years"

Wm. T. Burnett & Co. offers a diverse and unique range of technical foam and fiber products for the automotive, bedding, filtration, furniture, and industrial markets. Formed in 1898, first as a mattress manufacturer, later as a producer of cotton batting, Wm. T. Burnett then expanded its capabilities to produce specialty synthetic fiber products as they do today. In 1954, Burnett was the first American company to produce open-celled flexible polyurethane foams, and later invented the industry standard for pouring wide-width continuous foams.

Today, Wm. T. Burnett is comprised of two divisions and a wholly owned subsidiary (STX):

Technical Foams - Specialty polyester and ether foams
Nonwoven Fibers - High loft, calendered, and needled nonwovens
Consumer Products (STX) - Sporting Goods, equipment, and apparel