Duvalli Mattress Ticking

Rua Vasco da Gama
Zona Industrial de Arrifana
Arrifana, 3700 569


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Founded in December 2001 the Mattress Ticking Duvalli is dedicated to the design, production and marketing of fabrics for jackets mattresses .

Our mission is to provide the best quality fabrics for mattresses at a competitive price. We specialize in jacquards , providing a wide range of apricots and pikes, using the best equipment and raw materials .

The company invests in workforce, highly skilled and is equipped with modern , functional and flexible production resources in order to adequately respond to the ongoing changes in the market , satisfying customers , suppliers and safeguarding the welfare of employees .

Today Duvalli Mattress Ticking is a company specializing in developing solutions for coating products for the rest : beyond Apricots and Piques , has a strong production capacity Knitwear, Woven Fabric and Spacer .

The Duvalli is certified according to NP EN ISO 9001:2000 and Oeko -Tex .