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BOWI-STYL started its activity in Lodz - textile city - was one of many in the light industry.

PW BOWI-STYL's development history is interwoven with the history of the textile industry's decline in Lodz, but thanks to good investment decisions, the company has avoided the fate of many companies in this sector.

The company started operations in 1986. Constantly modernized machine park and the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the production of materials gave Bowi-Styl a strong position among Polish knitwear manufacturers .

Through continuous improvement of the range of manufactured knitwear, we have been able to raise interest and establish regular co-operation with well-known apparel manufacturers and furniture manufacturers.

Currently, BOWI-STYL is engaged in knitwear production and distribution throughout Poland and Europe. The specialty of knitting are especially knitted spacer , knitted fabrics for mattresses , fabric upholstery and fabric for printing banners and flags . The company also offers quilting and digital printing services for knitwear .

Over 20 years of experience makes Bowistyl a credible producer of knitwear, which owes its position to the sale of top quality products. If you are interested in your offer, we invite you to cooperate directly with the manufacturer!

Through continuous improvement, the company has numerous certifications.The most important ones are compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 18001 and Oeko Tex 100 standard for all products.