Resortes y Alambres S.A. de C.V.

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Contact: Jessica Ramos

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Export Coordinator

Contact: Marta Trejo

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Mattress Materials - Hard Goods //

Box Spring - Formed Wire
Frames - Box Spring
Spring Units


Visionary entrepreneurs in El Salvador who believed in the economic potential of our region founded REASA in 2003. REASA is the leading supplier, high carbon wire specialist for mattresses and upholstery industries in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

The senior management and employees are committed to:
Meet the needs of our customers to ensure their satisfaction.
Manufacture products with Internationals Standards Qualities.
Protection and care of our environment.


Be the leading supplier of drawn wire for industries and special purpose mattress, through the transformation of raw materials, by automated systems technology, encouraging teamwork and integrating the skills and abilities of our staff to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers, under internationals standards qualities.


Consolidate and expands as the best wire drawing Company of America, developing products according to the needs of our market, under Internationals Standards Qualities, at the forefront of technology and protecting the environment.