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T-60 Safe-Tik F/R Tape Edge Sewing Threads™ available in the following colors; Black, White, Gold, Silver/Gray.
Engineered for The Future

Available Exclusively Through Four Seasons Stitching

T-60 Safe-Tik™ flame retardant tape edge sewing thread is a product specifically formulated to meet the flammability requirements promulgated under the Consumer Product Safety Commission's 16 CFR, Part 1633 and is approved for use by the Lilly Management Group. It is a bonded-bi-component thread made with (1) a polyester filament to provide an optimum level of sewing performance, and (2) a ceramic component to enable it to far surpass the requirements pf the federal flammability standard. The product has been flame tested, per CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1633, over fifty (50) times with no failures; not surprising in that ceramics degrade at some significantly higher temperatures than para-aramids.

T-60 Safe-Tik enjoys several other advantages over the para-aramid products conventionally used in mattress construction. Unlike spun para-aramids, its non-abrasive characteristics results in notable savings for replacing damaged sewing machine parts and T-60 Safe-Tik has no significant shedding characteristics thereby resulting in far less lint accumulation. Compared to the para-aramids, the sew ability of T60 Safe-Tik is markedly superior, much the same as that expected from a normal polyester filament product.

The manufacturing process for T-60 Safe-Tik involves on the use of water-based products and no organic solvents or additives. The most harmful emission or by-product is water vapor. The F/R thread is available in gold, black, and white and is packaged on a twenty-eight (28) ounce, knotless, king tube at twenty (20) units per carton. T-60 Safe-Tik is manufactured in the United States and is shipped, at no cost, within the continental United States.

Last, but not least, is the success the product has enjoyed in the mattress construction industry since its introduction over seven years ago. Those who have converted to T60 Safe-Tik have not only realized a significant cost savings, but also an enhanced production performance due to its superior sew ability, cleanliness and non-abrasive characteristics. These unique characteristics enhance commercial sewing machine performance, reduce the need for sewing machine cleaning, and, also, reduce abrasion to loopers and needles. Manufacturers report significant production cost savings, when using T-60 Safe-Tik, and state the threads reduce overall machine maintenance up and “down time” by up to twenty-five percent (25%).

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